Broadband Internet Speed test

Click on the “Start” button on the Speed Checker below to start the internet broadband speed test.  Details of how to improve the accuracy of the speedtest and a description of the results can be found at the bottom of this page.

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How to improve speed test accuracy

Ensure that you do not have any downloads or uploading taking place when you run the test. The less applications you have running on you PC or phone the better. For an even more refined test, connect to your broadband router using an ethernet cable. That way you will rule out any Wifi issues or interference and it will be an even more accurate reading.

What is the Ping result?

The ping response tell you how fast you get a response back from an web server.  Ping is measure in milliseconds (ms). In effect this is your connection’s reaction time. The lower the number the the better the connection. Anything around 6ms is good.

What is the download speed?

Download speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). This is a measure of how quick your broadband connection pulls data from online internet servers such as displaying webpages, watching videos and downloading files.  Your internet Download speed result will be higher than upload speed because the majority of internet activity consists more of downloading (e.g. Web servers sending the content of webpages to your computer screen) than uploading.  The date is downloaded to be display in your internet browser. Difference between download & Upload speed.

What is the Upload speed?

The upload speed is how quick your internet broadband connection sends data up to web servers. When you click a link on a webpage your computer ‘uploads’ a small data signal (also know as a packet) to the website telling it that you have clicked on a link. The webpage then reacts by displaying the page content of the link you clicked. Displaying the content of the webpage uses your ‘download’ bandwidth to send the data(i.e text,image,videos, etc) of the new page to your screen hence why download bandwidth is (should) always be higher that upload. Other examples of uploading are sending files, sending emails, video chat or messaging. Difference between Upload and Download speed.

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