Best Broadband Speed in my area

With so many internet broadband deals available online, you may find that not all deals and internet speeds are available in your area.

Don’t get your hopes up on fast high speed internet deals that are simply not available to you because the infrastructure, fibre cabling, etc to support those speeds are not yet in your area.

Follow the 3 simple steps in this guide to find out the best internet broadband speed available in your area and the best broadband internet deals available.

1. What is the current speed of my broadband connection?

In order to know where you are going (or where you want to be), you firstly need to know where you are.

Run the Internet Speed Test (opens in a new window) to see your current internet broadband speed.

This is the benchmark internet broadband speed that you will be trying to improve on in terms of upgrading your existing connection or trying to find a better price for the same speed – whatever your goal is.

2. What is the best internet broadband speed in my area?

Instead of running individual broadband availability checkers on every internet broadband providers website, why not check the available speed in your area by using the Ofcom broadband checker:

Click here to open the Ofcom availability and speed checker

The Ofcom Broadband availability checker uses broadband availability and predicted speeds data provided by the UK’s major Internet Service.

Sample results after running the broadband availability checker:

Best broadband availability checker in my area

Broadband download speeds of less than 30Mbps are available in your area through these suppliers:

Broadband download speeds between 30Mbps – 300Mbps are available in your area through these suppliers:

Broadband download speeds greater than 300Mbps are available in your area through these suppliers:

Armed with this information you can now focus the providers that offer relevant speeds.

Best UK Broadband Deals


3. How do I Find the best internet broadband in my area?

We have complied a review of the Top 6 UK Broadband Providers to help you on your journey to improving your broadband internet speed or price. There are  also several popular broadband comparison sites such as Broadband Genie that you can use to find yourself a better internet broadband package.

What is a good internet speed?

The answer to this question is dependent on what online activities you would like to perform.  Below are some examples of different online activities and the recommended download bandwidth.

1 – 3 Mbps:
Good internet speed for internet browsing, checking social medial accounts, emails and streaming compressed MP3 music.  The top end (5Mbps) is recommend for a smooth experience. These activities can be done on 1Mbps but there will be lag.

3 – 15Mbps:
Good internet speed for online gaming. Once again, the faster the speed the better the experience but to put things into perspective, Microsoft recommend a minimum of 3Mbps for Xbox One and so do Sony for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo for their Nintendo Switch platform.

Streaming SD quality video requires a minimum of 3Mbps.

5Mbps will be fine for streaming HD videos (720p) but if you want full HD (1080p) you will need above 10Mbps for smooth streaming.

15+ Mbps:
Minimum speed to stream Ultra HD and 4K steaming is 15Mbps.

We hope that you have found the guide useful.

Other Related questions:
What types of broadband are available in my area
The most widely available and popular types on internet home broadband in the UK are ADSL, fibre and cable. ADSL broadband available in most places and run over BT lines. Fibre broadband is becoming more and more available year-on-year and is available over 95% of the UK (according to Ofcom). Cable broadband is only available via Virgin so is not as widely available.

What is best broadband speed for my area?

Hopefully the above guide has helped answer this and other variations of this question – which include;

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    • Best Broadband in my area?
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