Best Broadband Speed and Deals in Biddulph

Fastest internet speed and deals in Biddulph

Need help finding the best broadband speed and connection package available in Biddulph?

Check out the huge choice of internet broadband offers available in Biddulph this week. Use the search filters below to find the best internet package for your home based on your speed, price or package requirements.

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What broadband speed do I need?

The reference table below will give you an idea of the connection speed you need depending on how you use your broadband connection. Having an understanding of the broadband speed you need is one of the most important steps in finding the most suitable and best broadband package in Biddulph depending on your requirements.

How do you use your Internet Connection?Minimum Download Speed Required

Household of 1 - 3 individuals: Web Surfing, Email, Online Shopping, Social Media, Music Streaming, Standard Definition (SD) Video streaming.

Up to 25Mb

Household of 3 - 4 individuals: High Definition (HD) Video Streaming, Social Media, Video conferencing, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Online Gaming, Streaming music. 

30 - 50Mb

Household of 4 - 6 individuals: Multiple Heavy Users, Smart Home devices, Recording & Surveillance devices, Ultra High Definition (UHD) Video Streaming, Netflix, Gaming, etc

50 - 100Mb

Household of 6+ individuals: Multiple heavy users performing all of the above plus frequently downloading/uploading large files, peer-to-peer file sharing and Avid online gamers.

Over 100Mb+

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Which ISP has the Best Customer Service?

Ofcom are the UK’s telecoms regulator and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries. Office of Communications (Ofcom) the UK’s communications regulator conduct research into the levels of customer service and customer satisfaction across the main broadband providers in the UK. The main providers are those with a market share of 4% and above. At the time of writing, the main broadband suppliers reviewed by Office of Communications (Ofcom) are BT Broadband, Plusnet, Virgin Media, SKY, EE, Vodafone, TalkTalk and KCOM. Here’s a quick summary of their most recent report (Published May 2022). Best broadband provider in UK/Biddulph  Broadband customers feedback

EE had a better than average ’recommend to a friend score’. BT, Plusnet & Sky have improved their relative positions, while TalkTalk and Virgin Media’s position have worsened since 2020.

Best Business Broadband Deals in Biddulph.

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What is the speed of my Biddulph internet connection?

Do you know the speed of your current broadband internet connection? Check the internet speed of your Biddulph broadband connection using the Ookla broadband speed test widget on our website. If you are not receiving the internet speed that you are paying for, you may be able to cancel your Biddulph broadband internet service early without any cancellation fees.


What broadband speed are my neighbours in Biddulph getting?

The results below are from internet broadband speedtests performed on this website using the speedtest widget in the last 3 months.

RegionCityProviderDownload SpeedUpload SpeedLatency (ms)Jitter
StaffordshireBiddulphSky5.4 Mbps0.6 Mbps374
StaffordshireBiddulphBT50.2 Mbps10.0 Mbps60
StaffordshireBiddulphSky46.6 Mbps0.0 Mbps139
StaffordshireBiddulphSky92.6 Mbps0.0 Mbps122
StaffordshireBiddulphSky71.0 Mbps0.0 Mbps1329
StaffordshireBiddulphSky127.0 Mbps27.3 Mbps111
StaffordshireBiddulphSky137.4 Mbps27.5 Mbps111
StaffordshireBiddulphSky120.9 Mbps25.7 Mbps1339
StaffordshireBiddulphSky52.7 Mbps25.1 Mbps121
StaffordshireBiddulphSky53.6 Mbps23.5 Mbps133

If the above table is empty, there were no speed tests performed from Biddulph performed in the last 3 months.


What is the best broadband speed in Biddulph?

Instead of entering your postcode into several broadband price comparisons sites to find the best broadband speed you can get in Biddulph, use the Ofcom (the UK’s communications regulator) broadband internet availability checker to see the fastest broadband connection available in Biddulph.

Ofcom gather broadband coverage information from ISPs (Internet Service Providers) up to three times a year – January, May and December. Click the link below to check the best internet speed available in Biddulph.

Sample results after running the internet broadband availability checker: Best broadband availability checker in Biddulph

Standard: Broadband download speeds of less than 30Mbps

Superfast: Broadband download speeds between 30 – 300Mbps

Ultrafast: Broadband download speeds greater than 300Mbps

In the above example, this would mean that the fastest Internet speed available in Biddulph would be 200Mbps. You still have to enter your Biddulph postcode on the Internet service provider’s website to check the minimum guaranteed Internet connection speed available at your precise location in Biddulph when placing on order.