What broadband speeds does Sky offer in 2023?

Sky provides three main broadband packages in 2023: Essential with an average speed of 11Mbps Sky Superfast 35  with an average download speed of  36Mbps Superfast with an average of 59Mbps Ultrafast with an average of 145Mbps Ultrafast Plus with an average speed of 500Mbps … Read more

What are the reasons to buy Shell Energy broadband?

There are several reasons to consider Shell Energy broadband. They offer reasonable pricing with occasional promotions and discounts for new customers and have a wide range of packages to suit different needs.

What kind of broadband packages does Shell Energy offer?

Shell Energy offers a range of broadband packages to suit different needs. They have ten different options available, with download speeds ranging from 11Mbps to 920Mbps, and all with an 18-month contract. They offer ADSL, fibre, full fibre and GFast packages. However, not all options … Read more

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What is Download and Upload speed?

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