BT vs Virgin Media Broadband

The Battle of the Broadband Giants: BT vs Virgin Media

Virgin Media vs BT broadbandWhich provider reigns supreme in the world of broadband?

We pit BT and Virgin Media head-to-head in a showdown of services, prices, and customer satisfaction.

What’s in a Package?

At first glance, both BT and Virgin Media seem to offer a similar range of services, but there’s a world of difference between the two.

While most broadband providers use the BT Openreach network, Virgin Media operates its own, which sets it apart from the rest.

In terms of price and speed, Virgin Media’s M125 package wins over BT’s, offering more than ten times the download speed for less money.

On the other hand, BT’s Fibre Full Fibre 900 has a better upload speed than Virgin’s Gig1. Availability is also a crucial factor to consider, as not everyone can access Virgin Media’s network.

Affordability and Availability: Who Takes the Crown?

When it comes to monthly price, Virgin Media reigns supreme, with its cheapest package starting at less than £25 per month.

BT, on the other hand, is pricier, with a starting price of £25-28 for its basic services.

In terms of setup cost, BT takes the cake with either free or minimal installation fees. On the other hand, Virgin Media’s standard fee is £35, though it does offer occasional free setup deals.

In terms of availability, BT has the upper hand, as its broadband services are accessible through either a phone line or fiber optic cable, reaching a wider range of homes.

Virgin Media’s network, while faster, is limited to approximately 53% of homes.

Customer Satisfaction: A Tie

Both BT and Virgin Media scored below average in Broadband Genie’s Home Broadband Survey, with BT scoring 75% and Virgin Media scoring 74%. Smaller and more specialised providers tend to have a better reputation in this category.

Phone, TV, and Mobile Services: Virgin Media Takes the Lead

In terms of phone, TV, and mobile services, Virgin Media has the advantage, offering more flexible options for phone services and leading premium entertainment packages.

BT TV, while cheaper, can’t quite match Virgin’s variety of content.

Extras and Freebies: BT Wins

BT broadband deals include free Wi-Fi hotspot access, online storage with BT Cloud, antivirus protection powered by McAfee, and parental controls.

Virgin Media, on the other hand, offers free Websafe, antivirus protection, and cable box servicing or repair.

The Final Verdict: Virgin Media Takes the Prize

Between BT and Virgin Media, our top pick would be Virgin Media, primarily for its superfast speeds, TV bundles, and broadband-only deals.

However, availability is the key factor when choosing between these two Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If you’re in a Virgin network area, then Virgin is likely to offer the best speeds.

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