How long does it take for Now Broadband to install their services, and what kind of installation fees do they charge?

Now Broadband setup fees vary depending on whether an engineer visit is required and whether there is an existing phone line at the address.

In general, it takes around 14 working days to set up a new broadband service, but the exact time may vary.

A date for an engineer to visit is usually arranged when the order is placed, which is typically within about two weeks, and installation costs depend on the package chosen but are usually up to £60.

There is no charge for a phone line to be installed, and if there is already an active phone line and socket at the address, an engineer visit may not be necessary. In this case, the phone line can usually be switched remotely, and the Now Broadband line can go live at any time up until midnight on the go-live date.

It is important to note that the installation times and fees may vary depending on factors such as the specific package and location.

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