How long does it take to get Sky broadband installed?

It takes approximately 14 days to get Sky broadband installed and activated. This time can be significantly reduced if you already have a BT/Openreach phone line at the property. Sky Broadband new line installation process.

Here are the latest Sky Broadband Deals if you haven’t already placed an order.

What preparations do I need to make before the engineer arrives for my Sky Broadband installation?

Before the engineer’s visit, ensure you’ve obtained any necessary permissions from your landlord if you’re renting. If you live in a flat or apartment, make sure the engineer can access the telephone distribution point in your building. You might want to ask your neighbours, landlord, or building manager for assistance in locating it. Finally, consider clearing the space where you’d like the new master socket or Optical Network Terminal (ONT) installed to save time during the appointment.

What can I expect during the Sky Broadband installation appointment?

The engineer will visit your home during the confirmed time slot and perform work both inside and outside your property. They’ll discuss the best location for your new master socket or ONT and might need to drill small holes or do some digging to complete the installation. The entire process typically takes about an hour or two, and the engineer will test your line to ensure it’s functioning properly before leaving.

How can I track my Sky Broadband order and installation progress?

You can track your order by signing in to the “Track your order” section on the Sky website. You’ll need to create a Sky iD if you haven’t already. Once signed in, you can check your activation or engineer installation date, the packages you’ve ordered, your phone number, and the expected delivery date of your hub if a new one is being sent to you

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