How to Cancel BT Broadband

How to cancel BT Broadband at the end of my contract

Cancelling your BT Broadband at the end of your contract is free.

You can either contact BT to cancel or if you are switching to another provider that uses the Openreach network, they will handle the cancellation and switch for you.

If you are moving to a non-Openreach broadband provider such as VirginMedia, you will need to contact BT to cancel.

Cancelling my BT contract early

If you are still in contract, BT will charge you for the remaining months.

BT’s Early Termination clause in the BT Terms and conditions states:
If you decide to stop receiving service within this minimum contract period, you’ll normally have to pay an Early Termination Charge.

The charge is the compensation you pay us for not keeping the service for the minimum period you agreed to when you took the service. Because it’s a compensation payment, it is not subject to VAT. ”

BT cancellations contact details

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