How to Cancel John Lewis Broadband

How to cancel John Lewis Broadband at the end of my contract

John Lewis charges a standard disconnection fee of £25.

John Lewis uses the Openreach network. If you switch to another Openreach Broadband provider they will handle the switch and cancellation for you.

Cancelling my John Lewis Broadband contract early

In addition to the standard disconnection fee of £25, John Lewis will charge you an early cancellation fee.

John Lewis Price Terms state:
The table below sets out the monthly early termination charges that will apply for customers choosing to end their fibre broadband or broadband service within the 12-month minimum term.

Any part of a month in your remaining minimum term will be charged daily on a pro-rata basis”

John Lewis Broadband service Monthly early termination charge
Unlimited £4.15
Fibre £10.85
Fibre Extra £12.18
Table 1.7

Source for further reference: John Lewis Price Terms

John Lewis cancellation and contact details

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