How to Cancel Origin Broadband

How to cancel Origin Broadband at the end of my contract

If you are out of contract, cancelling your Origin Broadband is free.

Origin broadband terms state:
Once your contract is at the end of any minimum-term period, you’ll automatically move onto a monthly recurring bill at a different rate.

If you don’t want to move onto a recurring monthly plan, please give us 30 days’ notice that you would like to either renew your contract on a new deal or that you would like to cancel your Origin Broadband service.

Origin uses the Openreach network (BT phoneline) therefore if you switch to another Openreach provider, they will handle the cancellation and broadband switch.

Cancelling my Origin Broadband contract early

Origin Broadband state:
When you signed up for our services you agreed to a minimum term (12, 18 or 24 months usually) and you are required to continue services for the minimum period.

If you decide voluntarily not to continue services until the end of your minimum period you will continue to be liable for monthly Usage Charges until the end of the minimum period

There are some circumstances where they will waive their fees.

Check out the ‘When your service is cancelled or terminated‘ section of the Origin broadband terms and conditions

Origin broadband cancellation and contact details

Contact details can be found in the ‘How to contact Origin Broadband‘ section of the Origin broadband code of practice

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