How to set up your Virgin Media router?

Setting up your Virgin Media router is a simple process that can be completed in a few easy steps. Follow these instructions to get your Virgin Media router up and running:

  1. Unpack your router: When you receive your Virgin Media router, it will be packaged in a box. Open the box and take out the router, power supply, Ethernet cable, and any other accessories that came with it.
  2. Connect the router to the Virgin Media wall socket using the white cable.
  3. Connect the router to the power supply: Connect the power supply to the router and plug it into a power socket. Switch on the power socket.
  4. Wait for the router to start up: It may take up to 10 minutes for the router to connect to the Virgin Media network. The power light will be solid white once the router is connected and ready.
  5. Connect to the network: On your computer or mobile device, search for available Wi-Fi networks. Select the Wi-Fi network that matches the name and password on the sticker at the bottom of the router. If the sticker is missing or damaged, you can find the name and password on the card that came with the router.
  6. Enter the network password: When prompted, enter the network password. The password is case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as it appears on the sticker or card.
  7. Connect to the internet: Once you’ve connected to the network, open a web browser and try to access a website. If you can access the internet, your router is set up and ready to use.

If you have any issues during the setup process, you can contact Virgin Media’s customer service for assistance.


How to setup your Virgin Media Hub Video

Credit: Virgin Media Help@ YouTube

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