How to test the speed of my Three Home Broadband Connection

Once you have your Three Home Broadband Hub installed and working, the next logical step would be to test your download and upload speed.

Follow these 3 simple steps to test the your Three Home Broadband speed:

  1. Connect a phone or PC to you Three Home Broadband network. If possible, It is always best to connect a PC or laptop to the network port at the back or side of your device when doing this test. The speed test results are more accurate and rule out any wireless issues that may be skew the results.
  2. Open the broadband speed test widget
  3. Click on the GO button to start the broadband speed test.

The download and upload speed will be displayed after the test has been completed.

If you are running the test while connected to your Three Home Broadband via WiFi, make sure you are stood directly in front of the Three Broadband Hub when you run the speed test.

We recommend you run the test at least three times to get a more accurate result.

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