What are the alternatives to short term broadband with no contract?

There are a few other options available to you if you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a short-term/No contract broadband package. Alternatives to short-term no contract broadband include:

  • Tethering –  If you have a lot of data available of your mobile contract you can use your phone as a WiFi hotspot. Alternative if your data package is limited you could contact your provider to upgrade your data package.
  • 4G or 5G home broadband Deals – Providers such as Three, EE and Vodafone offer some of their 4G and 5G broadband packages on monthly rolling contracts.
  • Create your own broadband Solution –  Sign up for a mobile provider that offers cheap unlimited data sim only deals such as Voxi. Insert the sim into an old phone and tether to it via cable or as a wifi hotspot. If you don’t have a phone, you can buy a broadband dongle for the sim card.

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