What is a good internet speed?

The answer to this question is dependent on what online activities you would like to perform.  Below are some examples of different online activities and the recommended download bandwidth.

Up to 10Mb:
Good internet speed for light usage such as internet browsing, checking social medial accounts, emails and streaming compressed MP3 music for a household of 1 – 2 people.

11Mb – 30Mb:
All the above activities plus streaming full HD (1080p) online videos, video calls such as Skype and Zoom and uploading/downloading large files.

31Mb – 60Mb:
All the above activities plus online gaming and streaming ultra HD and 4k videos.

60Mb and above:
The more people in the household using broadband, the faster the speed you will need. Households with multiple users all carrying out the above activities at the same time will benefit from broadband speeds over 60Mb.

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