What is BT Hybrid Connect?

BT’s Hybrid Connect is an optional add-on for their home broadband service in the UK.

It combines a customer’s fibre broadband service with a 4G-based backup connection from EE, providing a reliable and uninterrupted internet connection even if there’s an issue with the fibre broadband connection.

The backup connection kicks in automatically within 90 seconds of a fault being detected, and it works seamlessly with the customer’s Smart Hub 2 router, without requiring them to sign in again to a different Wi-Fi network.

The Hybrid Connect service is available as an add-on and is compatible with BT’s Complete Wi-Fi service. Customers can get online with the Hybrid Connect device as soon as it arrives, even before their fibre broadband service is installed.

The service is powered by EE’s 4G mobile network and is currently available to around 85% of BT’s customers in areas with eligible EE G signal strength.

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