What is Sky Superfast Broadband?

Sky Superfast Broadband is a mid-tier broadband option from the provider, with download speeds of up to 75Mb and upload speeds of up to 18Mb ensuring that you can enjoy HD movies, console games, and on-demand services without extra buffering time. Sky Superfast Broadband is one of the more cost-effective packages that Sky offer.

It’s the second cheapest option on offer from Sky, making it an attractive choice for those looking for an affordable broadband connection with good speeds. Furthermore, its minimum speed guarantee of 50Mb is faster than many competitors’ services in this price range, so you can expect a fast and reliable connection. On top of this, if you opt for a bundle package you may be able to get better deals due to having all your services under one provider.

Overall, Sky Broadband Superfast hits the sweet spot if you are looking for good quality and fast service at an affordable price.


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