What is the BT Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee?

BT Complete Wi-Fi is a solution designed to provide wall-to-wall coverage in your home by utilizing Wi-Fi discs to extend the signal of your Smart Hub 2.

It’s an ideal option for homes experiencing weak or non-existent Wi-Fi signals in certain areas, ensuring you can get online from every corner of your home.

To get the BT Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee, you’ll need to purchase the Complete Wi-Fi package, which includes a new Smart Hub 2 and a single Wi-Fi disc.

This should cover most homes. However, if you still need more coverage, BT will send you up to two extra discs free of charge. If you still can’t get a signal in every room of your main dwelling, you can claim £100 back. The guarantee doesn’t cover outbuildings, gardens, or sheds. You can sign up or upgrade to Complete Wi-Fi by visiting the BT website.

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