What types of broadband does Shell Energy offer?

Shell Energy offer the following types of broadband:

  • ADSL broadband
    This is their cheapest broadband package with an average speed of 11Mbps. This is known as their ‘Fast Broadband’ package.
  • Superfast Fibre broadband
    Shell Energy offers two superfast fibre broadband packages. The Superfast Fibre broadband package has an average download speed of 38 Mbps while their Superfast Fibre Plus provides an average speed of 67 Mbps.
  • Ultrafast Fibre
    Shell has two Ultrafast fibre packages. Ultrafast Fibre has an average speed of 145 Mbps while the Ultrafast Fibre plus boasts an average speed of 290 Mbps
  • Full Fibre
    Shell’s full fibre packages range from 100 – 944 Mbps

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