Hyperoptic Broadband Promo code

Hyperoptic Promo code for May 2024

Hyperoptic Promo Code to use this Month


* To ensure you get the full discount available, use the above link and then enter the promo code. You may not get the full discount if you are already part way through an order.

Unfortunately, you will have to start the order process again however, it will be well worth the monthly discount that you will receive.

How to use the Hyperoptic Promo Code

Using the Hyperoptic Promo Code is simple. Follow the 4 simple steps below to apply the discount on the Hyperoptic broadband packages of your choice.

  1. Get the latest Hyperoptic Promo code for this month

    Scroll up to the top of this page to get the latest Hyperoptic broadband Promo Code. Make sure you use the link above (or this link) to get the discounted price.

  2. Check Availability

    Enter the postcode for your property to check whether Hyperoptic broadband is available.Hyperoptic Broadband Availability Checker

  3. Select Your Broadband Package

    If Hyperoptic is available, select the package you would like to purchase.
    Hyperoptic Broadband Select Your Package Enter Promo

  4. Enter the Hyperoptic Promo Code

    Enter the Promo Code (from the top of this page) and click the “Apply” button. You will notice that the price for the package your selected (and all other packages) will reduce.
    Hyperoptic Broadband Deal Promo Code Discount Applied

  5. Done.

    You will see a confirmation saying “Thank you your promo code has been applied”. If you see the error ” Sorry, the promo code you’ve entered does not apply to this package”, make sure you typed the code in corrected.

How to use the Hyperoptic Promo Code – Video Instructions

How to Enter Hyperoptic Promo Code
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Hyperoptic ‘traffic shape’ or throttle their connections?

Hyperoptic does not restrict the flow of its broadband traffic but as with all other broadband providers, they have an Acceptable Usage Policy.

Are they online only or do they have a support number to speak to someone if I have a fault with my broadband?

If you have issues with your Hyperoptic broadband, you can contact their customer services team at support@hyperoptic.com or call them on 0333 332 1111.

Will I get the same download speed over wireless?

This depends on which broadband speed you purchase.

Wireless technology has its own maximum throughput rates which will come into play. Maximum on 2.4Ghz band is 80Mb and between 200Mb and 400Mb on a 5Ghz band.

Wireless signals are also affected by distance and are susceptible to interference from other devices in the vicinity such as baby monitors, Wireless AV equipment (even in neighbouring properties), cordless phones, etc.

If you are opting for their Ultra High-Speed connections we recommend connecting your device(s) via a wired (Ethernet cable) to get the full benefit of your connection.


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