Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rankings

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rankings

These Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rankings are based on Broadband Speedtest results over the past 30 days.

NoISP NameCountryAverage Download [Mb/s]Average Upload [Mb/s]
1Virgin MediaGB53.065.91
2EE High Speed InternetGB21.807.32
3Zen InternetGB19.874.12
5British TelecommunicationsGB17.825.18
6Be Un LimitedGB17.294.97
7Orange Personal Communications ServicesGB17.196.91
8Tiscali UK LimitedGB14.352.01
9PlusNet Technologies LtdGB13.963.14
10INFONET Services CorporationGB13.782.54
11Daisy Communications LtdGB12.755.58
14UK Government Department for Work and PensionsGB10.0313.94
15Orange Home UKGB9.742.31
16Leaseweb Germany GmbH (previously netdirekt e. K.)GB9.373.32
18America OnlineGB8.411.52
20Sky BroadbandGB7.061.07
21Eclipse InternetGB6.131.55
22Department for Work and PensionsGB6.100.34
23Demon Internet / Thus plcGB4.410.96
25Bentley-Walker LimitedGB2.670.02

Speedron Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rankings 2020

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