Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rankings

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Speed Rankings August – September 2021

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CountryRegionCityProviderDownload UploadLatency (ms)Jitter
PhilippinesMetro ManilaSan JuanSKY16.3 Mbps14.0 Mbps2016
United KingdomBuryTottingtonTalkTalk416.2 Mbps65.4 Mbps21
United KingdomCounty DurhamConsettPlusNet21.0 Mbps9.1 Mbps173
United KingdomBuryTottingtonTalkTalk277.5 Mbps65.7 Mbps30
United KingdomNorfolkNorwichSky16.3 Mbps1.0 Mbps132
United KingdomCounty DurhamConsettPlusNet21.9 Mbps9.1 Mbps174
United KingdomCity of LeedsLeedsO21.2 Mbps1.9 Mbps4149
United KingdomOxfordshireOxfordVirgin Media111.4 Mbps10.0 Mbps206
United KingdomBuryTottingtonTalkTalk69.9 Mbps46.8 Mbps41
United KingdomNorth AyrshireGirdle TollSky46.6 Mbps18.6 Mbps212
United KingdomCity of BristolBristolBT14.3 Mbps6.3 Mbps10329
United KingdomDorsetBloxworthSky15.7 Mbps0.8 Mbps2125
United KingdomHampshireEastleighKcom3.7 Mbps0.6 Mbps471
United KingdomSouthwarkCamberwellSky55.3 Mbps15.9 Mbps81
United KingdomEnglandLondonForcepoint Cloud39.4 Mbps15.0 Mbps112
United KingdomTraffordAltrinchamKencomp Internet Ltd9.7 Mbps1.9 Mbps404
United KingdomTraffordAltrinchamKencomp Internet Ltd9.7 Mbps1.7 Mbps404
United KingdomBirminghamWittonVirgin Media33.4 Mbps9.5 Mbps265
United StatesGeorgiaGriffinXFINITY62.6 Mbps6.0 Mbps115
United KingdomBirminghamWittonVirgin Media39.8 Mbps9.4 Mbps2425
United StatesMassachusettsActonXFINITY177.4 Mbps12.0 Mbps112
IndiaKarnatakaBengaluruAirtel49.8 Mbps9.2 Mbps71
United KingdomDorsetSherborneVodafone18.9 Mbps7.4 Mbps261
United Kingdom37.8 Mbps3.5 Mbps444
United KingdomHertfordshireLetchworth Garden CityTalkTalk40.2 Mbps6.0 Mbps193
United StatesMassachusettsActonXFINITY19.5 Mbps11.5 Mbps143
United KingdomDorsetSherborneVodafone19.1 Mbps7.8 Mbps263
United KingdomCentral BedfordshireLinsladeDaisy12.2 Mbps0.8 Mbps271
United KingdomHertfordshireLetchworth Garden CityTalkTalk38.0 Mbps6.1 Mbps2910
United KingdomSuffolkStowmarketTalkTalk20.1 Mbps3.8 Mbps3013

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