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Hyperoptic Broadband Coverage CheckerThis table below contains postcodes where Hyperoptic broadband is available.

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What broadband packages do hyperoptic offer?

Hyperoptic offer three different speed broadband packages. 30Mbps, 150Mbps and 1Gbps (1000Mbps) broadband speeds.

You can also change between packages once a month.

Check out their website for the latest pricing.

Does hyperoptic broadband need a phone line?

You do not need a phone line for Hyperoptic broadband.

Hyperoptic runs its own fibre cabling and therefore a phone line is not required.

You can continue to use your existing phone line or take out a broadband package from them that also includes a phone line.

Their phone service is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) service which means that the phone line uses the Hyperoptic  broadband connection.

The Hyperoptic broadband router has a phone port on it which is where you will be able to plug in any standard phone.

You can keep/port your existing phone number to hyperoptic. The porting process takes approximately 15 days.

How fast is hyperoptic?

Hyperoptic broadband is very fast!

Their top speed is 1GB (average 900Mbps). What sets Hyperoptic aside from other service providers is that their internet speed is symmetrical. This means you get the same upload and download speeds!

How long does it take to install hyperoptic broadband

On average it takes approximately four to six weeks for the installation of Hyperoptic broadband.

On the day of the installation, all they need to do is install a Hyperoptic master socket in your home which their router will connect into.

Installation is usually free for all new customers.

Can I use my own router with hyperoptic broadband?

Yes - you can use your own router.

You can either connect your 3rd party router directly into the Hyperoptic master socket or connect it to the Hyperoptic router.

They recommend that you use their router which is tried and tested with their service to ensure you get the best speed and performance.

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