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Fibre optic cables

Can I get fibre in my area?

Fibre broadband also known as fibre optic broadband delivers super faster internet speeds which translate to a more responsive, lag free  internet experience. Fibre broadband uses plastic or glass core to transmit data in...

EE Broadband Review

EE Broadband Review

Considering switching to EE Broadband? EE offers six speeds of broadband that range from 10Mb – 900Mb. EE broadband is delivered through the Openreach network which is the same broadband infrastructure used by other...

Sky Broadband Review

Sky Broadband Review

Are your considering switching to Sky broadband in ? This Sky broadband review includes results from the Ofcom service quality report which looks at broadband reliability and customer service  across UK broadband providers. Sky...

hyperoptic broadband review and deals

Hyperoptic Fibre broadband review

Hyperoptic Overview and Key facts () Hyperoptic is the UK’s largest residential gigabit (1,000Mbps) broadband provider Hyperoptic broadband packages come in flavors of 30Mb, 50Mb, 150Mb, 500Mb and 1Gb speeds Variable contract lengths which...

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