Broadband in Hull

Broadband in Hull

Searching for affordable broadband in Hull?

When it comes to selecting a broadband provider in Hull, you have a number of options to choose from.

KCOM stands out as the primary provider, offering lightning-fast internet speeds that are second to none. However, if you are on the lookout for alternative options, you can consider 4G and 5G home broadband services. You can also explore local providers such as Connexin, Pure Broadband, and Giganet to find a plan that caters to your requirements.

In this guide, we have also included a number of options on how to get Sky TV in Hull.


Broadband Options in Hull


The primary broadband provider in Hull is KCOM, which is different from other regions where BT is the dominant provider.

KCOM has invested heavily in developing its own infrastructure, which means that they have a monopoly over the network, unlike other regions where multiple providers may operate on the same network.

One advantage of this approach is that KCOM can offer faster broadband speeds than other providers in the UK. In fact, KCOM offers speeds of up to 900Mbps, which is much faster than the UK average.

Best KCOM Broadband deals in May 2024

Package DetailsDownload SpeedMonthly
KCOM Full Fibre Lite BroadbandKCOM Full Fibre Lite 30Mb Broadband
24 Month contract · £0 Set-up fee
Free Setup for a limited period.

Average Download Speed
Per Month
Check Coverage kcom,bb,npl,bsc,t1,pr2,sfb,t6a,all,24m
KCOM Full Fibre 175 BroadbandKCOM Full Fibre 175 Broadband
24 Month contract · £0 Set-up fee
Free Setup for a limited period.

Average Download Speed
Per Month
Check Coverage kcom,bb,npl,bsc,t4,t7,sfb,all,24m,pr2,
KCOM Full Fibre 300 BroadbandKCOM Full Fibre 300 Broadband
24 Month contract · £0 Set-up fee
Free Setup for a limited period.

Average Download Speed
Per Month
Check Coverage kcom,bb,npl,bsc,t5,t7,ufb,all,24m,pr2,
KCOM Full Fibre 500 BroadbandKCOM Full Fibre 500 Broadband
24 Month contract · £0 Set-up fee
Free Setup for a limited period.

Average Download Speed
Per Month
Check Coverage kcom,bb,npl,bsc,t5,t7,ufb,all,24m,pr2,
KCOM Full Fibre 900 BroadbandKCOM Full Fibre 900 Broadband
24 Month contract · £0 Set-up fee
Free Setup for a limited period.

Average Download Speed
Per Month
Check Coverage kcom,bb,npl,bsc,t5,t7,ufb,all,24m,pr3,

2. Mobile (4G/5G)  Broadband in Hull

In Hull, residents have multiple options when it comes to 4G or 5G broadband providers. Three, EE, and Vodafone all offer these services. EE and Three specifically offer 5G broadband, boasting speeds of up to 200Mbps and download speeds of approximately 50-67Mbps depending on coverage.

Three, in particular, has the most competitive pricing for home broadband services, currently offering the cheapest rates in Hull.

Best Mobile Broadband Deals in Hull This Week

Prices may change during contract term.

Vodafone 4G & 5G Mobile Home BroadbandVodafone 4G & 5G Mobile Broadband
Variable Month contract · Variable Set-up fee

Average Download Speed
From £20
Per Month
Check Coverage voda,bb,npl,hmob,t7,openr,ldn,ncb,pr1,stdb,sfb,all,12m,primo
Three 5G Unlimited Mobile Broadband DealThree 5G Unlimited Home Broadband
24 Month contract · £0 Set-up fee
Offer ends soon.

Average Download Speed
Per Month
Check Coverage 3uk,bb,hmob,npl,t4,pr1,std,sfb,t6a,all,24m,top-10
Three 4G Unlimited Mobile Broadband DealThree 4G Unlimited Home Broadband
24 Month contract · £0 Set-up fee
6 month half price, then £22 from 7th month. Offer ends soon.

Average Download Speed
£11 £22
Per Month
Check Coverage 3uk,bb,npl,bsc,hmob,t2,t3,pr1,sfb,stdb,all,24m

3. Local Broadband Providers in Hull

While KCOM is the dominant broadband provider in Hull, there are several local alternative providers that residents in Hull can consider.

These local providers offer an alternative to KCOM and may be able to provide more personalised and flexible services to customers.

Here are some of the local broadband alternative providers in Hull:

  • Connexin Broadband – Connexin Broadband is a local broadband provider that operates in Hull and the surrounding areas. They offer a range of connectivity services which include wireless and hyperfast fibre broadband.
  • Pure Broadband – Pure Broadband is a local provider that offers a range of broadband services to homes and businesses in Hull. The company prides itself on its customer service and competitive prices. Pure broadband was acquired by Connexin in July 2022.
  • Giganet – Giganet is a broadband provider that operates in several areas of the UK, including Hull. The company offers a range of broadband services to homes and businesses, including superfast broadband, ultrafast broadband, and full-fibre broadband.

It’s worth noting that these local alternative providers may have limited coverage areas compared to KCOM.

How to get a SKY TV Package in Hull

1. Sky Stream


Sky stream boxAlthough Sky broadband is not available in Hull, you can still get Sky TV through their Stream service.

Sky Stream is a 4K HDR streaming box that plugs into the HDMI port on any TV and provides access to Sky TV Channels using your internet connection from your broadband supplier in Hull.

 You don’t have to be a Sky broadband customer to get a Sky Stream box. 


Sky Stream Entertainment + Netflix Package

At the time of writing the Sky Stream – Sky Entertainment Package starts at £26 per month and includes a Netflix subscription which means you can save additional money by cancelling your existing Netflix subscription.

With the Sky Stream Entertainment package, you get over 30,000 shows and 300 TV Channels including Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, FOX, Comedy Central, Syfy, E!, Vice, Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, The History Channel, MTV, VH-1, Eurosport, Sky Sports News, Freeview channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc).

You can customise your Sky Stream Package by adding any of the following TV packs:

  • Sky Sports: Get All 8 Sky Sports channels, including Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Cricket and Sky Sports Golf.
  • BT Sports: All 4 BT Sports Channels Get BT Sport 1, 2, 3 & 4.
  • Sky Cinema: All 11 Sky Cinema channels in HD, giving you over 1,000 movies every month.
  • Sky Kids: All 11 channels including the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and over 5,000 on-demand kids shows.

2. NOWTV Sky TV Packages

With NOW TV, you can access all of the top Sky content without the need for a satellite dish. Simply download the NOW TV app onto your smart TV or use a streaming device such as an Amazon Fire Stick, Roku stick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, or NOW TV’s own streaming stick.

What’s great about NOW TV is that you have the freedom to choose from their combination of  Sky TV Memberships which at the time of writing include:

  • NOWTV Sky Entertainment Membership – More than 300 box sets available on demand and live channels Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Sky Comedy, Sky Showcase, Sky Witness, Comedy Central, Gold, MTV, Sky Crime, Sky Nature, Sky Documentaries, Sky Arts, Sky History, SYFY and Sky News. This membership also includes kids channels including Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Boomerang, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Nick Toons and over 5,000 on-demand popular kids shows.
  • NOWTV Sky Cinema Membership – which includes access to all 11 Sky Cinema channels
  • Sky Sports Membership – You have the option of one-day or one-month membership that gives you access to the full range of 11 Sky Sports channels – Premier League, Football, Main Event, Racing, Cricket, Golf, F1, NFL, Darts, Mix and Sky Sports News

Broadband Providers in Hull: Conclusion

In conclusion, there are several broadband providers available in Hull. The dominant provider in the area is KCOM, which offers broadband speeds of up to 900Mbps. However, Hull residents also have alternatives to choose from, including local providers like Connexin, Pure Broadband and Giganet.

Additionally, 4G and 5G home broadband via a mobile network can also be considered as an alternative and have been gaining popularity lately.

It’s important to highlight that Hull residents are unable to access well-known broadband providers such as Virgin Media, BT, Sky, and TalkTalk in the area. However, Hull residents still have a wide range of broadband options with some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK.

Why does Hull not have broadband providers such as BT, Sky and Virgin Media?

The reason why Hull does not have broadband providers such as BT, Sky, and Virgin Media is due to historical reasons, with KCOM being established as the city’s telecom provider over a century ago.

The inception of the Hull Telephone Department, now known as KCOM, can be traced back to 1904 when Hull City Council established the department. It was among a handful of local authorities that were granted a license to operate their own phone networks at the time.

While other authorities gradually relinquished control of their networks to the Post Office, which aimed to create a national service, Hull City Council decided to keep its network and continue independently. This decision paved the way for Hull’s network to remain distinctly separate from the national network, even as the Post Office network eventually evolved into BT and then Openreach.

As a result of this independent stance, Hull has its own unique cream phone boxes, a stark contrast to the red ones found elsewhere.

In 1999, Hull City Council partially floated KCOM on the stock exchange, and by 2007, it had sold its final stake in the company.

While national providers have expressed interest in entering the Hull market, KCOM’s exclusive control over the local infrastructure has made it difficult for them to do so, leading to a unique broadband landscape in the Hull area.

Broadband in Hull – Frequently Asked Questions

Loader image

If you're a resident of Hull and looking for lightning-fast internet speeds, fibre broadband is the way to go.

Fibre broadband lets you stream your favourite movies and TV shows in crystal-clear high definition without any buffering or lag. Plus, fibre broadband is perfect for online gaming enthusiasts who need a reliable and stable connection for their gaming sessions.

There are several broadband providers in Hull that offer fibre broadband packages, so it's essential to do your research and find the best deal for your needs.

Here is a list of the Top 3 fibre broadband providers in Hull:

  1. KCOM
  2. Connexin
  3. Pure Broadband

The fastest widely available broadband speed in Hull is around 900Mbps average download which is available through KCOM.

According to the latest figures based on speed tests from Hull, the median download speed in Hull in February 2023 was 73.56Mbps. The median upload speed was 29.08Mbps and the latency of 17 milliseconds.

Hull Fixed Broadband Median Speed

These figures were based on a minimum of 100 monthly unique speed test results from residents in Hull.

The graph below shows the monthly speed test results from residents in Hull between February 2022 - February 2023.

Hull Broadband Speed Test Results

In Hull, Full Fibre (FTTH) broadband from KCOM is the most widely available type of broadband. Speeds range from 30Mbps to 900Mbps average download speed.

Connexin is an alternative provider but their coverage does not rival KCOMs - yet.

Sky broadband is not currently available in Hull. As discussed above, you can get Sky TV through Sky stream which is Sky's new set-top box that gives you access to all sky channels including Sky sports using your broadband connection.

The other alternative to get Sky TV in Hull is via NOWTV TV membership which includes Sky packages. Details and links to their Sky TV packages are in the above article.

BT and Virgin Media broadband is currently not available in Hull.

This is also true for Openreach providers such as TalkTalk, Plusnet, Nowbroadband, Vodafone, EE, etc.

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