Can I cancel my broadband contract early?

Can I cancel my broadband contract early?Can you cancel your broadband contract early?

The simple answer is yes.

Be aware that most providers enforce a minimum contract length and therefore there may be an early cancellation fee.

The cancellation fees vary among broadband providers.

You will be pleased to know that there are some scenarios were these cancellation fees can be avoided.

Cancelling my broadband contract without paying cancellation fees

There are 4 scenarios where you can cancel your broadband without incurring a cancellation or additional charges.

1. Cancelling within the 14 days cooling off period

If you are a new customer and are still within your 14-day cooling-off period, you will not incur any cancellation charges.

The cooling-off period is to allow you to change your mind for whatever reason.

2. My minimum contract period has ended

If you have been with your broadband provider for the full duration of your contract then you are free to leave when you wish.

Make sure you check what the price will be after the end of the contract as it is likely to increase so you’d better start searching for a new deal sharpish.

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3. My broadband provider is increasing its prices

Your broadband provider must give you at least 30 days’ written notice (in accordance with Ofcom rules) if they are planning to increase their prices.

During this period, you have the right to cancel your broadband without any fees providing that:

a) You entered into a fix term contract with them after 23rd January 2014 and
b) The increase is above the rate of inflation

The is applicable to all broadband providers and is not voluntary. Contact your broadband provider and state the price increase as the reason you wish to cancel.

You can register a complaint with Ofcom if you have issues with your provider.

There is a catch though. You cannot avoid cancellation fees if price increases were written into your contract.

If you do not have a copy of your contract, contact your provider to cancel anyway and no doubt, they will be quick to inform you if this is the case.

4. I’m not getting the broadband speed I signed up for

A slow broadband connection may be grounds to cancel your contract without cancellation fees.

New Ofcom regulations put in place in March 2019 have made it simpler to cancel your broadband contract.

The regulation is known as Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice on Broadband Speeds and states:

  • When you purchase broadband, you should receive accurate information on the expected speed of your broadband.
  • The advertised average speed should be during the busiest times of the day i.e. between 8-10 pm for home users and between 12-2 pm for business services. The average speed must be a speed that 50% of their customers receive.
  • Your broadband provider must list a minimum speed and you should have the right to cancel if your speed consistently falls below this speed.