What is a good broadband speed

What is a good download speedWe are all in search of faster internet speed.

Before we delve into what is a good broadband speed, it is always a good idea to first find out the speed of your existing broadband internet connection.

You can do this by running an internet speed test.

The speed checker will display the download and upload speed for your internet connection.

The results may vary depending on how utilised your broadband connection is at the time you run the broadband speed test.

Results will be lower if you have several people using the connection.

What is the minimum broadband speed I need?

How do you use your Internet Connection?Minimum Download Speed Required

Household of 1 - 3 individuals: Web Surfing, Email, Online Shopping, Social Media, Music Streaming, Standard Definition (SD) Video streaming.

Up to 25Mb

Household of 3 - 4 individuals: High Definition (HD) Video Streaming, Social Media, Video conferencing, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Online Gaming, Streaming music. 

30 - 50Mb

Household of 4 - 6 individuals: Multiple Heavy Users, Smart Home devices, Recording & Surveillance devices, Ultra High Definition (UHD) Video Streaming, Netflix, Gaming, etc

50 - 100Mb

Household of 6+ individuals: Multiple heavy users performing all of the above plus frequently downloading/uploading large files, peer-to-peer file sharing and Avid online gamers.

Over 100Mb+

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How is broadband speed measured?

Broadband speed is measured in terms of how much data your internet connection can download and upload per second.

This measure is represented in megabits per second (Mbps).

The higher the number, the faster your broadband internet connection should be.

A faster connection means that websites will load quicker, streaming video will be faster and online gaming and video calls will be smoother.

What is internet bandwidth?

Internet Bandwidth is a generic term for the speed of your broadband connection. As mentioned in the above section, broadband speed is measured in Mbps (download & upload).

The higher the value, the higher the volume of data that can pass over your broadband connection.

Download vs Upload speed. What is the difference?

To help clarify how download and upload speed is used, here is a summary of activities used by either.

These activities are more reliant on a good download speed

  • Streaming movies and watching shows online
  • Browsing websites and social media
  • Streaming videos on YouTube
  • Streaming music
  • Gaming

These activities are more reliant on a good Upload speed

  • Voice, Video and conference calls
  • Online gaming
  • Backing up data to online or cloud storage services such as dropbox
  • Uploading videos to Youtube or social media
  • Sending emails with huge attachments

An inadequate upload speed will cause buffering and there will be a visible impact on performance.

What is a good broadband download speed Mbps?

Download speed is how quick in megabits per second (Mbps) it takes for data to transfer from a website (e.g. images, videos, text) to your PC or phone browser.

Listening to music and watching videos on services such as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, etc. uses your download speed.

Download speeds of at least 25 Mbps are considered a good download speed to support the above activities.

The more the number of users using the broadband connection the higher the download speed requirement.

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What is a good broadband upload speed in Mbps?