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Are you looking for the best UK broadband deals in May 2020?

Let us help you find the best UK Broadband deals in May 2020.  Our aim is to supply you with a clear run down of the latest home broadband deals and offers available this week.

Use the Broadband Speed Test to see your current connection speed and then check out this quick reference guide to help you determine what broadband speed you need.

Looking for options to get broadband without a phone line? Check out this article.

1. SKY Broadband

SKY Broadband Deals

SKY offer two simple tiers of broadband Speed (11Mb and 59Mb) making it easy for you to chose the right package for you.

Each tier has a broadband only or broadband & TV package offering.

A phone line is required but if you already have one, they will take over the existing line which saves an engineer visit.

Sky May 2020 Broadband Offer(s): All broadband package prices have been reduced. Offer end date not published.

 Essential BroadbandSuperfast BroadbandSky TV & Broadband


View SKY Broadband Deals Only Broadband & TV Deals
Sky Broadband Review - Pro, Cons and Final Verdict
Sky Broadband Review – The Good
  • Sky Speed Guarantee
    SKY guarantee that if your speed falls below your Guaranteed Minimum Download Speed for at least three days in a row in a 30-day period, they will refund you monthly subscription. You can claim twice during your contract period.
  • Great Customer Service track record
    Sky received the joint fewest complaints per 100,000 customers measured by Ofcom comparing Sky, Post Office, BT, EE, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Vodafone and Virgin Media fixed for fixed broadband. July 2019 report.
  • Dedicated team to ensure switch is smooth
    If you’re with BT, TalkTalk, EE, Vodafone or Plusnet,  SKY will contact your provider to cancel your existing contract and handle the whole switch process for you.
  • Sky Wi-Fi Guarantee
    Sky will guarantee at least 3Mbps WiFi in every room of your home, or they will give you your money back or send you a signal booster.
  • Additional mini hubs available to extended broadband range
  • You can add TV bundled at any time
SKY Broadband Review – The  Not So Good
  • Activation Fee
    Similar to BT, Sky have an activation fee of  approx. £19.99 across all packages. They  occasionally run promotions where this fee is reduced or waived.
Sky Broadband – Ofcom Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Sky broadband performance customer survey

Sky Broadband – Final Verdict

Sky’s broadband and customer services is very good. The SKY Q hub is one of the best and most reliable routers on the market.

Sky presents the opportunity to consolidate your TV and Broadband services into one reliable provider.  Their base package has more channels than you can get with any other TV provider.

It is inevitable that you may experience broadband issues with any Internet Service Providers (ISP) but with Sky’s solid customer service reputation, you can rest-assured that any issues will be dealt with efficiently.

Sky is not a budget ISP and their broadband prices are slightly higher but their levels of service makes it a good all round solid choice.

Check out the latest Sky Broadband deals.

2. Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone Broadband Service and Lighting Fast Speeds options are an absolute no-brainer.

Rarely are you in the position where the price is low AND the service is from a reputable trusted supplier.

Everything is include in the price. No additional fees.

Winners of uSwitch Best Broadband Provider (2019) and Best Value Broadband Provider (2019). Also winners of Broadband Genie’s Fastest Upload Speed Provider in the same year.

Vodafone offers a money back monthly discount if your broadband speed drops below the minimum speed.

Vodafone May 2020 Broadband Offer(s): Get Superfast 2 Broadband for the price of Superfast 1. Huge Saving.

 Superfast 1Superfast 2Gigafast 200Gigafast 500Gigafast 900
Vodafone Superfast Deals Vodafone Gigafast Deals
Vodafone Broadband Review - Pro, Cons and Final Verdict
Vodafone Broadband Review – The Good
  • Fastest Upload Speeds

    Generally, with most broadband providers, the upload speed tends to be significantly lower that the download speed, but Vodafone Broadband stands out from crowd by having the fastest upload speed. 

    Their Gigafast broadband services offer symmetrical speeds which means the upload speed is the same as the download speed.

  • Minimum speed Money back guarantee

    Like BT, Vodafone superfast broadband comes with a money back discount guarantee if your broadband speed drops below the minimum speed. You continue to receive the discount until the issue is fixed.

    Guaranteed minimum speed on Superfast 1 Broadband is 25Mbps, while on Superfast 2 it’s 55Mbps. Their minimum speeds are beyond other providers best speeds!

  • Simple to manage using the IOS/Android App

    With Vodafone Broadband, gone are the days you need to manage your broadband via an internet browser. The Vodafone Broadband App gives you simple management of your broadband settings,  Wi-Fi/guest Wi-Fi settings, parental controls and other useful features.

  • Fast installation time
Vodafone Broadband Review – The  Not So Good
  • No TV bundles

    If you were hoping to consolidate your TV and broadband service into one, unfortunate Vodafone will not be the best provider. Good alternatives would be SKY or BT.

Vodafone Broadband – Final Verdict

Vodafone broadband is affordable and you can also benefit from addition cost savings.

If you are a Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customers there is a reduction of £2 p/m on the advertised price. If you are not an existing customer, you can save £3 on your monthly broadband if you add a pay monthly mobile package to your broadband.

Vodafone will handle the switching of your broadband from your existing supplier to get you up and running quickly. The only exception is if you are switching from VirginMedia. You will need to cancel VirginMedia directly.

3. BT Broadband

Best BT Broadband Deals

BT Broadband comes with their “Stay Fast Guarantee”. This means that if you do not get the promised speed 30 days after a fault is reported, you will receive a £20  refund (up to four times a year).

BT offer 3 tiers of TV and Broadband packages which including over 1000 premium channels, Sky Atlantic, Sky one and over 300 Box Sets on demand from NOW TV.  You can upgrade the TV package to including additional channels such as Sky Cinema, all Sky Sports and BT Sports channels.

BT May 2020 Broadband Offer(s): Fibre Essential broadband price reduced and up to £100 BT Reward card.

 Fibre EssentialFibre 1Fibre 2Entertainment TV Package + Fibre 1
From £33.99
Reward Card

Reward Card

Reward Card

View BT Broadband Only Deals Broadband & TV Deals
BT Broadband Review - Pro, Cons and Final Verdict
BT Broadband Review – The Good
  • BT Complete Wi-Fi guarantee
    BT guarantee no less that 10Mb wireless speed in every room and will send out additional wireless extender “discs” to boost Wi-fi speed for slow rooms.
  • BT Virus Protect
    BT Virus Protect gives you the latest protection against viruses, spyware, phishing scams and other internet threats. All BT Broadband customers get at least two licences free. Superfast Fibre 2  customers get 15 licences which can be installed on PCs, Macs, and Android phones and tablets.
  • Free BT Cloud Storage
    Broadband Unlimited and Superfast Fibre customers will receive 200GB free storage.
    Fibre 2 Unlimited customers get 1TB Cloud storage.
BT Broadband Review – The  Not So Good
  • 24 Month Contracts
    Long commitment on BT Broadband packages which is not such a bad thing if you are happy with the service.  If you are not happy with the service there are ways to cancel your broadband early.
  • Expensive after contract period
    Be sure to check out the market or speak to BT to negotiate a new deal before the end of your contract to avoid a hike in price.
  • Activation and Delivery Charge
    Most packages have an activation or delivery charge which ranges between £9.99 – £19.99.
BT Broadband – Ofcom Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

BT broadband Deals - Customer Satisfaction Ofcom Survey Results

BT Broadband – Final Verdict

There are varying online opinions on BT broadband and although it costs a bit more, it gives you value for your money.

BT is the parent company of Openreach who maintain the majority of internet circuits in the UK which are used by other ISPs such as Plusnet, EE, TalkTalk, Sky, etc.

In some areas you can get download speeds of up to 300+ Mbps!

As a BT customer, you will have access to over 5 million Wi-fi hotspots which can be useful if you are always roaming away from home or have a limited mobile phone data package.

You can choose to bolt on additional TV channels such as BT Sport, Sky Sports Main Event and Extra, Sky Cinema and many other premium channels.

Check out the latest BT Broadband deals.

4. Plusnet Broadband

Best Plusnet Broadband Deals

Plusnet guarantee to keep the price of your broadband package the same for the full duration of the contract.

They offer flexible 1, 12 and 18 months contracts.

The rest of their packages include industry standard features such as unlimited usage, Free security package with online parental control which allow you to block certain categories of websites. Their customer support is UK based.

Plusnet May 2020 Broadband Offer(s): 10Mb reduced to £17.99. Up to £75 Reward card on online orders.

 UnlimitedUnlimited FibreUnlimited Fibre
£50 Reward Card

£75 Reward Card

£75 Reward Card

View Deal View Deal View Deal
Plusnet Broadband Review - Pro, Cons and Final Verdict
Plusnet Broadband Review – The Good
  • Runs on the same Openreach network as BT and Sky but much cheaper pricing.
  • Flexible Contracts – Monthly, 12 Months or 18 Months
  • Won several awards for exemplary customer service
  • Fast installation time
Plusnet Broadband Review – The  Not So Good
  • Pricing may be higher is some areas
Plusnet Broadband – Ofcom Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Plusnet broadband - Customer Satisfaction Ofcom Survey Results

Plusnet Broadband – Final Verdict

Plusnet offers a good balance in terms of reliability, pricing and customer service.

Their broadband service runs on the Openreach network similar to other popular providers such as BT, SKY, EE and TalkTalk therefore you will be getting the same broadband but cheaper and with good customer service wrapped around it. In addition the previous point, Plusnet is owned by BT.

Plusnet won the most reliable broadband service in the Ofcom 2019 Telcoms report.  If you are looking for a no non-sense affordable and reliable broadband, we recommend to seriously consider Plusnet.

Check out the latest Plusnet broadband deals.

5. John Lewis Broadband

John Lewis Broadband Deals

All John Lewis Broadband packages include free evening and weekend calls, no activation charges and 24/7 UK customer support.

You’ll need a phone line installed at the property. If you don’t have a phone line, they will be a new line installation fee.

John Lewis are renowned for their Exceptional Customer Service. They offer three simple tiers of broadband packages all on 12 month contract.

There are no set-up fees and no delivery charges to get the broadband router out to your home.

As with the majority of other competitors, they also offer a free PC security suite to protect you devices from viruses and malicious software.

John Lewis May 2020 Offer: Up to £75 e-Gift card on online orders in May.

 UnlimitedFibreFibre Extra
£40 John Lewis e-gift card

£50 John Lewis e-gift card

£75 John Lewis e-gift card

View the Latest John Lewis Broadband Deals

John Lewis Broadband Review - Pros and Cons
John Lewis Broadband Review – The Good
  • First class customer service as you would expect from the brand
  • Fast switching time (between 10 – 12 days)
  • No set up fees for activation, No router delivery charge
  • Free Evening and Weekend calls included
  • 24/7 Freephone UK customer support
John Lewis Broadband Review – The  Not So Good
  • Standard prices are not the cheapest (trade off for exceptionally good customer service) however, they do run special offers from time to time.

Check out the latest John Lewis broadband deals

6. Hyperoptic Broadband

Best Hyperoptic Broadband Deals


Hyperoptic run their own dedicated Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network.

Their 150mb+ broadband packages offers symmetrical (same download & upload speeds) gigabit broadband services which makes it unique and fast!

Hyperoptic fibre was voted the Fastest broadband in the UK and is available in approximately 28 cities across UK. The also have a glowing Excellent Trust Pilot rating.

Hyperoptic May 2020 Broadband Offer(s): Get additional discount on advertised prices by using Promo code HYPER20 at checkout.

 50Mb Fibre150Mb Fibre500Mb Fibre1Gb Fibre
View the Latest Hyperoptic Broadband Deals

Hyperoptic Broadband Review - Pro, Cons and Final Verdict
Hyperoptic Broadband Review – The Good
  • Fastest Broadband Speed in the UK
  • Cheap and Fast. What more could you ask for.
  • Symmetrical speed (same download & upload speed)
  • Full fibre broadband
  • No phone line needed
Hyperoptic Broadband Review – The  Not So Good
  • Limited coverage
Final Verdict

Hyperoptic broadband is mainly available in residential apartments. They tend to work with new build developers to make their broadband services available for the whole block.

Hyperoptic broadband is extremely fast if you are fortunate enough to have it available in your area/apartment. Their 1Gb broadband package is the fastest in UK.

In terms of broadband speed, the next nearest suppliers are VirginMedia with their fastest speed at around  516Mbps, BT at 314Mbps and EE’s 300Mbps broadband.

Their broadband packages are one of the cheapest and fastest on the market coupled with their excellent Trustpilot customer feedback, Hyperoptic broadband is a no-brainer if it is available in your area.

Check out the latest Hyperoptic broadband deals.


Compare the rest of the Market

Compare these broadband deals against other service providers which include:

  • Direct Save
  • iTalk broadband deals
  • NOW Broadband
  • Onestream
  • Origin
  • Post Office
  • Shell Energy Broadband
  • SSE
  • TalkTalk
  • Virgin
  • Vodafone
Compare Broadband Deals from ALL ISPs


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I cancel my broadband early without cancellation fees?

In most cases, you will be charged early cancellation or exit fees however, there are circumstances where you can cancel your broadband early without incurring any of these charges – we have listed them here.

Do I have to contact my existing provider to cancel?

In the past you needed to get a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) from your current provider and give it to your new broadband provider.

You no longer need to do this if your current provider is on the Openreach network e.g. BT, Sky, Plusnet, TalkTalk, EE, John Lewis, etc. Your new provider will handle the switch for you.

If you are switching from a broadband provider that runs their own network like VirginMedia, you will need to contact them to cancel.

TV services/bundles also need to be cancelled directly.

What broadband speed do I need?

Broadband speed of 10Mb will be okay for one or two individuals browsing the internet, sending emails and streaming Netflix.

A household of three to four moderate users would require a download speed of 30Mb.

If the members of your household are heavy users, i.e multiple people streaming movies/Netflix and using game consoles or online gaming, we recommend a download speed of over 30Mb.

What is the fastest broadband speed I can get in my area?

To find out the best broadband speed that is available in your area, you can use the Ofcom availability checker.

This will show you the maximum broadband speed that is available in your area.

Am I guaranteed the advertised broadband speed?

Under Ofcom regulations, the speed advertised should be the estimated speed you are likely to experience at busy times of the day which tends to be between 8-10pm.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should provide a minimum guaranteed speed for your broadband service.

If you do not get the speed that you were promised, get in touch with your ISP and give them the opportunity to resolve the problem.

If they can’t fix the problem within 30 days, they must allow you leave your contract without being penalised.

What is the difference between standard and fibre broadband?

Standard broadband is also referred to as ADSL which has an average speed of 10 – 11Mbps. ADSL broadband is delivered through copper wires.

Fibre broadband is faster and has top speeds well over 300Mbps.

Part of the last leg of a fibre broadband may be through copper wires unless you have opted for a FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) connection which is more expensive.

What is broadband traffic management or shaping?

Broadband traffic management or traffic shaping is when your broadband provider starts to prioritise one type of internet traffic. Typically during peak hours.

They do this to stop heavy users from using more bandwidth and thus slowing all other customers broadband connections.

Not all providers implement traffic shaping/management and some only implement it on certain broadband packages. Broadband providers are required to provide details of the traffic management policy in your contract.


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