Vodafone announces new ‘unbreakable’ Pro broadband

Vodafone’s new ‘unbreakable’ Pro Fibre broadband is probably one of the best on the market right now.

Vodafone Pro BroadbandTheir new Pro broadband guarantees a strong reliable Wifi signal in every room or you can cancel your contract without incurring early cancellation fees and a broadband router that has a backup 4G connection.

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New Vodafone Pro broadband key features

  • Vodafone Super WiFi

Vodafone Pro guarantees a strong WiFi signal in every room or you can leave your contract without any early termination fees.

They will provide you with Wi-Fi boosters to ensure you can get a strong signal in every room.

  • Vodafone 'Unbreakable' broadband with 4G Backup

Vodafone announced that their Pro broadband service router has a backup 4G mobile connection.

In the unlikely event, that there's an issue with your main broadband connection, the 4G dongle connection will take over to ensure that you are never left without an internet connection.

  • Faster Fibre Promise

Vodafone Pro allows you to upgrade to a faster fibre connection at no extra cost when one becomes available at your home.

  • Instant proactive support from Vodafone WiFi Xperts

Vodafone's Pro Broadband customers can benefit from broadband support by a dedicated new team of highly-trained ‘WiFi Xperts’ that proactively monitor the network and will contact customers to resolve any issues.

  • Additional discount for existing Vodafone customers

Existing Vodafone customers with a Pay Monthly plan will be entitled to a Vodafone Together discount worth up to £3 a month.

  • 4K Apple TV, unlimited landline and mobile calls, plus no in-contract price rises

New customers have the option to upgrade to Pro Xtra for £8 a month extra. Vodafone Pro Xtra includes a 4K Apple TV, unlimited landline and mobile calls, plus no in-contract price rises, as well as Apple TV+ which is included free for 12 months.

  • Free Norton 360 Premium

Free 12 months of AntiVirus protection for up to 10 devices.

Best Vodafone broadband packages in August 2022

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Vodafone Superfast BroadbandVodafone Superfast 1 Broadband 36Mb24 Months£0£26.50 View voda,bb,t2,openr,pr1,sfb,all,24m
Vodafone Superfast BroadbandVodafone Superfast 2 Broadband 73Mb24 Months£0£29 View voda,bb,bsc,t3,openr,pr1,promo,sfb,primo,all,24m
Vodafone Superfast BroadbandVodafone Superfast 100 Broadband 100Mb24 Months£0£25 View voda,bb,promo,t4,openr,pr1,sfb,primo,all,24m
Vodafone Superfast BroadbandVodafone Ultrafast 200 Broadband 200Mb24 Months£0£30 View voda,bb,bsc,t4,primo,openr,pr2,sfb,all,24m
Vodafone Superfast BroadbandVodafone Ultrafast 500 Broadband 500Mb24 Months£0£35 View voda,bb,npl,bsc,t5,openr,pr2,ufb,promo,all,24m
Vodafone Superfast BroadbandVodafone Superfast 900 Broadband 900Mb24 Months£0£45 View voda,bb,npl,bsc,t5,promo,openr,pr3,ufb,primo,all,24m
Vodafone Superfast BroadbandVodafone 4G & 5G Mobile Home Broadband VariableVariableVariable£16 View voda,bb,npl,hmob,t7,openr,ncb,pr1,pr2,stdb,sfb,all,12m

Vodafone Pro Press Release video


How to set up Vodafone pro broadband.

Source: Vodafone YoutTube