TalkTalk customers furious over broadband price increase

TalkTalk customers furious over broadband price increasePublished 12 Apr 2021:

TalkTalk customers are furious at the company’s plans to increase the broadband price for customers on their fixed-price broadband contract.

The company sent an email to its customers in March informing them that their prices would be increasing between £2 – £3 (maximum) a month.

This increase equates to a rise of up to £36 a year. TalkTalk said the increase was due to rising costs due to increased broadband usage due to Covid-19.

Customers deem as vulnerable due to disability or their age will be exempt from the price increase.  According to TalkTalk’s Accessibility and Vulnerable Customer Policy, TalkTalk recognises that the following circumstances can make a customer more vulnerable:

  • Age
  • Physical or learning disability
  • Physical or mental illness
  • Low Literacy Levels
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Significant changes in circumstances such as bereavement

Customers on their ‘Fixed Price Plus’ tariff and those who took out a Fibre 65 or Fibre 35 tariff between 10 November 2020 – 1 March 2021 are also exempt.

Talktalk also announced that it will start raising its prices by the rate of inflation plus 3.7% from April 2022.

What are my options if my TalkTalk broadband price is increasing?

If you have received communication from Talktalk informing you of a broadband price increase,  you have the following options:

1. In line with Ofcom rules for the protection of consumers against unexpected mid-contract price rises, you can exit your contract within 30 days of receiving the notification without any early termination fees.

Ofcom Protection for consumers against unexpected mid-contract price rises states:
If a provider wishes to increase the monthly subscription price (or prices) agreed by the customer at point of sale, customers should be given at least one month’s notice of the increase and be allowed to exit the contract without penalty

2. Contact TalkTalk to see if you can haggle a reduction

3. Switch to a new broadband provider.


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