Sky broadband down or not working

Is your Sky broadband down or not working?

Here are 4 steps to fix your Sky broadband internet connection to get you back up and running.

1. Check if there is a local Sky broadband fault

Sky broadband runs over the Openreach network. Check that the Sky broadband service in your area is working. There may be issues on the Openreach network that are causing your Sky internet broadband from working.

There are a number of options to check if Sky broadband in your area is down:

  • You can use sky broadband internet service status checker to find details of any faults or maintenance work on the Sky network that could be affecting your sky broadband service.
  • You can also check Sky’s official broadband help and support Twitter page. You can contact them on Twitter to check and troubleshoot your Sky broadband connection fault.
  • Third-party websites such as istheservicedown will also show if people in your area are also reporting faults with their Sky broadband.
  • If you prefer to speak to someone, Sky broadband support can be reached on 0333 7591 018.

2. Restart your Sky broadband router

If there are no local issues with the Sky broadband service in your area, the first step to troubleshooting the fault with your Sky Broadband is by restarting the router.

Rebooting your Sky Broadband hub will help clear any issues on the router and at the same time help re-establish an internet connection from your hub to the Openreach/sky network.
Turn off your Sky Broadband hub for at least 30 seconds and then power it back on.

3. Check the Status of your LED lights on your Sky broadband router.

Check the LED status lights on your sky hub.

The status lights on your hub vary depending on which sky hub you have.

Sky Broadband Router LED Lights

Power Light Colour Status

Sky broadband router lights fault

Solid Green: This confirms that the hardware is up and running as expected. Contact Sky if you’re still having issues.

Solid Red: This means that there is a fault with the Sky broadband router. Contact Sky.

Flashing Amber: This means your hub is in recovery mode. This can happen after a failed software upgrade and you will need to reset your hub. Hold the Reset button for about 30 seconds.

If this does not recover your broadband after the router restarts, you can either try running the Sky Router Recovery tool or contact Sky for further assistance.

Internet Light Colour Status

Look up your Sky broadband router’s LED Colour statuses for more information and troubleshooting steps.

LED Colour Statuses on other Sky broadband routers Models

4. Check your broadband phone line

If restarting your Sky Broadband router hub has not resolved the issue, the next step is to check the phone line.

Connect a phone to the Openreach master socket on the wall and check if you get a dialling tone.

If you have a dial tone, the issue is not with your broadband line. Follow these instructions to make sure your Sky broadband is set up correctly.

If you do not have a phone line, do not hear a dial tone or the phone line is hissing or crackling, check out the link below for further troubleshooting to fix your Sky broadband:

5.  Test your broadband using a cabled connection

If the Sky broadband router is working as expected and the status lights are as they should be, the issue may be with your wireless network or its configuration.

Connect your PC/device to your Sky broadband router using an Ethernet cable.  If the internet works fine, this suggests that the problem is with your wireless/Wi-Fi network.

Credit: Sky Help YouTube Channel

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