Plusnet internet down or not working

If you are experiencing issues or problems with your Plusnet broadband internet connection, here are a few troubleshooting steps to help you get back online (or point you in the right direction to get further help).

Is Plusnet broadband down in my area?

Plusnet broadband problem helpThe first thing to check is the Plusnet broadband status in your area. You can check the status of Plusnet broadband by visiting the Plusnet service status page.

In addition to the Plusnet service status page, you can also use 3rd party websites such as istheservicedown and downdetector to check the current status and any reports from other Plusnet customers.

You may be one of the first to experience the problem so it is definitely worth checking the above 3rd party websites as well.

Check your Plusnet/BT phone line

Plug a traditional phone into the master socket and check if you hear a dial tone and whether you can make a phone call.

The master socket is a box on the wall where the line comes into your property. Plusnet uses the Openreach network therefore your master socket will probably have ‘Openreach’ branding.

If you can make a call successfully, the issue may be with one of the other devices such as the microfilters or the Plusnet broadband router.

Also, check the noise level on your line by dialling 17070 and selecting Option 2. The line should be quiet with no background noise.

Microfilters are used to separate telephone and broadband signals. If the microfilter is not working it can cause interference which leads to issues such as a total loss of broadband, connection dropouts or intermittent disconnections.

broadband microfilter

To rule the microfilter out, connect the microfilter back into your master socket and then plug your traditional phone into the microfilter and test that you can still make a call.

If at any point you do not get a dial tone, the line is hissing, noisy or crackling, contact Plusnet (or whoever provides your phone line) to report this problem.

Official Plusnet help troubleshooting tips

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Check your internal wiring

Check your Master socket to determine if the fault is with the internal wiring or the external wiring to your property.

The video at the end of this section shows you how to conduct this test.

Remove the face plate from your master socket and plug it directly into the test socket.

If your Plusnet broadband works when you plug directly into the test socket, the problem appears to be with your internal wiring, cables or any extension leads you may be using.

If your Plusnet broadband does not work when you are plugged directly into the test socket, the issue is external to your property. Contact Plusnet support.

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Plusnet Fault Reporting

If you are still experiencing problems you can contact Plusnet help via online chat, phone, or you can raise the issue through the Plusnet broadband troubleshooter.