TalkTalk internet down or not working?

If you are experiencing problems with your TalkTalk internet connection, here are a few troubleshooting steps to help you get back online (or point you in the right direction).

Is your TalkTalk/BT Phone line working?

TalkTalk is an LLU operator and its broadband is delivered via the Openreach network.

Before going into depth on the cause of your TalkTalk Broadband issues, follow the steps below to check your TalkTalk broadband.

TalkTalk Internet Down

The first thing you should check is your phone line. 

If you have an IP phone that connects to the back of the TalkTalk router, you can skip this step.

Your IP phone needs a broadband connection so therefore it will also be affected by issues you are experiencing on your TalkTalk broadband.

  • Connect a traditional phone to the BT wall socket and check that you get a dial tone.
  • If you do not get a dial tone or the line is crackly, contact your phone provider or TalkTalk as there may be an issue with the circuit or cabling.

TalkTalk internet problems today?

The cause of your problem may be an issue with TalkTalk broadband service today.

You can check the status of TalkTalk broadband today by following the steps below:

  1. Check the TalkTalk website for any known issues

    Check the TalkTalk broadband status to see if there are problems with TalkTalk internet today.

  2. Are other customers also experiencing the problem?

    You can use ’Check Downdetector’  or ‘Is the Service down’ to see if other customers are also reporting internet problems with their TalkTalk broadband service.

  3. If no known issues, check your setup

    If there are no known problems in your area, check that the connection from the main wall socket to your TalkTalk broadband router has not become loose.  Ensure that both ends of the cable are plugged in securely.

  4. Check your phone line

    Ensure that you have followed the steps at the top of this page to check the status of your TalkTalk Phone line. This is done by plugging a traditional phone into the wall socket and checking that you have a dial tone.

  5. Restart

    After checking the phone line connection, restart your TalkTalk broadband router.

  6. Check your internal broadband/wireless setup

    Follow the other steps below to check other factors of your TalkTalk broadband setup to ensure that the problem is not internal to your property.

Is the TalkTalk Broadband network down or could it be a problem with your internal wireless?

If possible, plug your laptop or PC directly into the broadband router using a network cable and re-test.

You may find that the issue is with your internal wireless network. 

If you find that your device works fine when connected directly via the network cable, this confirms that the broadband service is fine and the issue is probably with the wireless only.

If the issue is with your internal wireless, log into the TalkTalk broadband router and check the wireless/SSID settings.


How to improve your TalkTalk Wireless Speed

Reset your TalkTalk router (if you are happy to go back to default settings and re-apply any custom settings).

If you do not know how to do this, contact TalkTalk customer support who will be able to either talk you through the process or check your wireless settings by remotely connecting to the broadband router.

You can also contact TalkTalk customer services on Twitter or post details of the issue on the TalkTalk help forum.

If the issue is just the wireless connectivity, ensure that there are no obstacles blocking or interfering with your wireless signal.

  • Have you moved the router and/or added anything in front of it recently?
  • Is that new ornament you bought over the weekend sitting in front of the router?

If the issue is that your TalkTalk internet is slow, run a broadband speed test to determine the current speed of your TalkTalk broadband.  Contact TalkTalk helpdesk if you are not getting the speed that you have signed up for.

Make sure you run the speed test whilst connected via wireless and also when wired directly to the TalkTalk router.

This might give you an idea of whether the fault is on your wireless or wired network.

If this is a recurring problem? Is your TalkTalk internet connection regularly slow, unstable or down?

If you are not happy with their broadband service,  there are instances where you can cancel your TalkTalk broadband contract early without incurring early termination charges.

You must ensure that you give TalkTalk every opportunity to resolve the problem(s) before you can consider early termination.

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