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What is the Fastest internet broadband speed available at my address?

To find out the fastest broadband speed available at your address, use the broadband coverage checker below. Simply enter your postcode and select your address and it will display the fastest broadband speed available at your property.

Instead of running individual broadband availability checkers on every internet broadband provider’s website, use the broadband coverage checker below to find the best broadband speed available in your area.

The broadband coverage checker uses OfCom’s broadband coverage and availability data provided by UK Internet Service Providers.


Which Broadband Provider offers the best broadband service?

Below is an extract of Ofcom’s (Ofcom is the UK regulator for communications services) Comparing Service quality report (published May 2022).

Ofcom publishes this report quarterly to help people make informed decisions about which provider is best for them as part of their work to ensure fairness for customers.

By shining a light on the performance of the UK’s main mobile, broadband and home phone providers, their report allows people to look beyond the price and see what level of service they can expect from different providers. It also acts as an incentive for providers to improve their customer service.

Overall satisfaction took factors into consideration such as:

  • How likely were they to recommend a friend
  • How quickly and efficiently were complaints dealt with
  • Call waiting times
  • Number of complaints received about the provider to Ofcom

A Full breakdown of the Latest Ofcom Comparing Service Quality Report

FAQ - Best Broadband Speed in my area

Knowing what broadband speed you need is key when purchasing, renewing, or switching broadband providers. Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in reliance on our broadband packages.

It is therefore crucial that you spec our broadband package to support and provide seamless access and performance on the applications most important to your household whether it’s Microsoft Teams, Netflix, or general gaming.

Broadband Speed Guidance

Up to 25Mb is suitable for a household of 1 – 3 individuals:
Web Surfing, Email, Online Shopping, Social Media, Music Streaming, and Standard Definition (SD) Video streaming.

30 – 50Mb is suitable for households of 3 – 4 individuals:
High Definition (HD) Video Streaming, Social Media, Video conferencing, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Online Gaming, and Streaming music.

50 – 100Mb is suitable for households of 4 – 6 individuals:
Multiple Heavy Users, Smart Home devices, Recording & Surveillance devices, Ultra High Definition (UHD) Video Streaming, Netflix, Gaming, etc

Over 100Mb+ is suitable for households of 6+ individuals:
Multiple heavy users performing all of the above plus frequently downloading/uploading large files, peer-to-peer file sharing, and Avid online gamers.

Use the broadband speed checker to check your broadband speed.

If you would like to find out the fastest speed in your area, use the broadband coverage checker widget.


Virgin Media is the fastest and most widely available broadband in the UK with top average speeds of 1130Mbps on their Gig1 package. They have their own proprietary cable network so are able to offer faster speeds than other Internet Providers.

Their lower-end broadband comes in at an average speed of 108Mbps which is still pretty fast.

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The most widely available and popular types of internet home broadband in the UK are ADSL, fiber, and cable. ADSL broadband is available in most places and runs over BT lines.

Fiber broadband is becoming more and more available year-on-year and is available in over 95% of the UK (according to Ofcom). Cable broadband is only available via Virgin Media and is becoming more widely available.

The answer to this question is dependent on what online activities you would like to perform.  Below are some examples of different online activities and the recommended download bandwidth.

Up to 10Mb:
Good internet speed for light usage such as internet browsing, checking social medial accounts, emails and streaming compressed MP3 music for a household of 1 – 2 people.

11Mb – 30Mb:
All the above activities plus streaming full HD (1080p) online videos, video calls such as Skype and Zoom and uploading/downloading large files.

31Mb – 60Mb:
All the above activities plus online gaming and streaming ultra HD and 4k videos.

60Mb and above:
The more people in the household using broadband, the faster the speed you will need. Households with multiple users all carrying out the above activities at the same time will benefit from broadband speeds over 60Mb.

We have compiled a review of the Top 6 UK Broadband Providers to help you on your journey to improving your broadband internet speed or price.

There are also several popular broadband comparison sites such as Broadband Genie that you can use to find yourself a better internet broadband package.